It is very difficult to write about myself: I start thinking and evaluating the words, get distracted and have to start all over again.


Perhaps I better start with the most simple. So, how did it all begin?

Everything started with a dream to do something, to create, to embody ideas and images out of my head, but in a way that it would also deliver benefits. So at first, I dreamed to be an architect, later I thought of creating furniture…  And then, suddenly, I thought about clothes.


Art School, drawing courses, meeting incredibly interesting, magical people at so called “Fly”, currently the Academy of Stieglitz (the University of Art in saint-Petersburg). Next, I got accepted to the fantastic department of costume design at Saint-Petersburg University SUSE, and attended 6 years of training by designers Elena Badmaeva and Vladimir Buhinik, inspired by the freedom of creativity, the science of performance and the best teachers and theorists. Probably, it is necessary to create a separate post about how it was with all the words of gratefulness to those people.


Later on, I spent two magic years in the Fashion House of Tatiana Parfyonova. I guess nothing would have happened without Tatiana Valentinovna. It was there that I learned about a high level of clothing quality, beautiful fabrics and the best craftsmen.


In parallel with the work at the fashion house I got involved into working with flowers and decor. So after graduation I decided to change everything, and accepted the offer of the St. Petersburg wedding Svadba Project Agency to become their stylist. That was the beginning of the weddings whirlpool. That was full of very interesting, beautiful, touching moments, but also a lot of responsibility, of course. For one of the fall weddings in 2013, I decided to make a dress for the bride from Moscow inspired by her personality and appearance. Her wedding dress was ready by that time, so I created the dress for a pre-wedding photo shoot in the countryside. With that dress everything began. Reviews, comments, advice to continue sewing … It was scary, everything from scratch in wedding dress business, on my own, everything required to be calculated … only by April I managed to create a small collection, which I took to Moscow for the fitting. And so it began to turn.


This April my little Fashion House is just two years old, but a lot of work has been done, and there is much more to come.