Our fabrics:

Creating our collections, we prefer natural fabrics to synthetic ones. Whether it’s casual dresses and suits made of wool, outwear or wedding and evening dresses of fine handmade.


Tactile sensations are very important, therefore, nothing can compare with the softness of cashmere or silk ethereality. Would you imagine that state of coziness, warmth and comfort these fabrics give.

Of course, we are not able to and do not want to completely dispense with the artificial fabrics, but only when their texture or design perfectly fits to the image of the clothes. Modern technologies really allow creating little wonders with the decor and fabrics!

Over the years, we have selected the best factories from all over Europe. Lace and tulle we bring from France, silk from England, wool and cashmere from Italy, beads and mother of pearl from Japan. We pay special attention to making our own fabrics. The prints on the fabric, silk painting, handmade embroidery.

Our embroidery:

Each dress has its own individual embroidery and decoration or adjustments can be made to the existing embroidery. It all starts with sketches that creates our designer Tatiana Kochnova. To the sketch we select basic fabrics, colors and decor. And after that, we create patterns to individual measures and dress get into its shape.

How do we work?:

Mostly our studio is engaged in creation of couture clothes, which means a large amount of fine handmade.  And, of course, individual work with each customer.


We pay special attention to personal contacts and communication with the client. It helps to understand the nature of customer, their wishes and vision, as well as the main idea of the planned event – wedding or high day.

About our brides:

Marriage and Wedding – are very important emotional events in the life of a girl, so our duty is to make this day and the mood of the bride a memorable one. So loads of flowers, our air dresses and exclusive jewelry gives a great hand. Every girl knows – every detail counts!

We are always glad to see the event organizer, decorators and florists who are on duty for ceremony preparations, main idea, colors scheme. Preparations for the wedding is creative and versatile process, and so great if professionals lend a hand in this complicated case.

In the creation of dresses, outdoor clothes and jewelry accessories, we based on the concept created by the whole team. But if the whole story begins with a wedding dress we, together, think over the idea for her whole image. And after that, with pleasure, sharing all invented story, image of the bride, samples of fabrics, accessories and jewelry.

Motivation and inspiration:

It can be talked for hours. Literature, paintings and sketches, music, architecture on the one hand, and the fantasy of nature, a riot of colors of flower fields and the greatness of the old forest on the other.

This allows us to think and to realize all our ideas in the fabrics, clothes and jewelry.